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Payment & Billing 

Flexible Payment Options

At our practice, we aim to make your transactions as convenient and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we gladly accept all major credit cards, providing you with a quick and secure way to handle payments. For those who prefer traditional methods, we also welcome cash and personal checks. Whatever your preference, our goal is to ensure that the payment process is smooth and accommodating for everyone.


Flexible Financing: Your Smile, Your Budget

Unlock the full potential of your dental health with CareCredit, a convenient financing option that allows you to receive immediate care while managing the cost with flexible payment plans. CareCredit offers the freedom to prioritize your oral health needs without financial strain, covering everything from routine checkups to more extensive procedures. By choosing CareCredit, you’re not just investing in the beauty of your smile—you’re ensuring your dental well-being is always within reach, letting you smile now and pay over time.

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Membership Plan

Benefits of Our Membership Plan

With a Dental Membership Plan, embrace a straightforward and affordable approach to your oral health, bypassing the complexities of traditional dental insurance. This membership grants you access to essential dental services, offering transparent pricing with no surprise fees, ensuring you can maintain a consistent and proactive dental care regimen. Kleer members benefit from the ease of direct transactions with our practice, which means no third-party hurdles, no claims to file, and no waiting periods – just pure, simplified dental care tailored to fit your life and budget.


Insurance Made Easy

Navigating dental insurance can be as tricky as understanding a complicated medical diagnosis, but not here at Hill-Davis Dental. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in understanding and maximizing your benefits, ensuring you can focus on your treatment without financial stress.

While we are not in-network with any dental insurance plan, we strive to simplify your experience by handling the claims process on your behalf with any dental insurance plan where you are free to choose your own dentist (usually called a Preferred Provider Plan – PPO).  We will bill your insurance company for your treatment, and bill you if there is any difference.

We are unable to file claims for Medicaid and Dental HMO plans (these plans have an assigned dentist).

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